Interior plantscaping

Interior Planscaping

With our knowledge and creativity we can accommodate both your budget and goals by working with alternative plants and or planters.

We will review all aspects of your Interior space and are confident that we can provide you with a very comprehensive Horticultural Service Program, as we have been doing for many years. Coconut Grove has designed and installed many truly unique plantscapes for major corporations, hotels, malls and offices.

Our Horticultural Service Program includes weekly scheduled visits, where experienced technicians will be on site regularly each week. We will provide all the necessary care for your plants, including watering, cleaning, trimming, and fertilizing as required. Preventative treatments to combat diseases or infestations will be administered with environmentally safe organic products. For Interiors, Guaranteed no cost plant replacements will be offered as well. (*only plants supplied & serviced by Coconut Grove Inc. can be guaranteed). With our teams in place, weekly servicing and monthly inspections, any and all issues can be dealt with in a quick, timely manner. All work and materials will always conform to the highest of Horticultural Standards and Specifications, which we trust will be to your satisfaction.